Autobiography of Mother Jones by Mary Harris Jones

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Autobiography of Mother Jones by Mary Harris Jones

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Among the most stirring works of labor history ever written this autobiography of Mother Jones ne Mary Harris chronicles the life of a woman who was considered a saint by many and by others the most dangerous woman in America. A forceful and picturesque figure in the American labor movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Mother Jones was a born crusader. Widowed at the age of 30 when her husband and four young children died during a yellow fever epidemic Mother J
  • Marka: Unbranded
  • Kategoria: Religia
  • Autor: Mary Harris Jones
  • Format: Paperback softback
  • Język: English
  • Ilość stron: 160
  • Data wydania: 2004-11-26
  • Wydawca / Wytwórnia płytowa: Dover Publications Inc.
  • Identyfikator Fruugo: 57544198-116736505
  • ISBN: 9780486436456
  • Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy: PL5263276535

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