Captains Courageous by Kipling

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Captains Courageous by Kipling

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At the start of Captains Courageous one of literatures most beloved stories of the sea a spoiled rich boy is literally swept away dashed overboard from an ocean liner. Luckily young Harvey Cheyne is rescued by a passing fishing vessel. As it turns out Harveys apparent misfortune in tumbling from a life of pampered luxury into the humble company of a fishing schooner becomes a blessing in disguise. Compelled by the captain to earn his keep Harvey loses his affectations as he learns the
  • Marka: Unbranded
  • Kategoria: Książki dla Dzieci
  • Autor: Kipling
  • Format: Hardback
  • Język: English
  • Ilość stron: 176
  • Data wydania: 2003-03-28
  • Wydawca / Wytwórnia płytowa: Dover Publications Inc.
  • Identyfikator Fruugo: 57543864-116736168
  • ISBN: 9780486407869
  • Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy: PL5263276535

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