Little Birds Stained Glass CB by John Green

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Little Birds Stained Glass CB by John Green

Cena: 12,95 zł
12,95 zł + 36,49 zł wysyłka

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Heres a delightful little book with triple appeal its a coloring book its an introduction to familiar birds and it enables youngsters to create their very own works of stained glass art. Printed on translucent paper and boldly outlined in black are eight different species redbreasted nuthatch blue jay northern cardinal barn swallow house sparrow blackcapped chickadee robin and downy woodpecker. Images can be colored with paints crayons or felttip pens then hung in the light t
  • Marka: Unbranded
  • Kategoria: Książki dla Dzieci
  • Autor: John Green
  • Format: Paperback softback
  • Język: English
  • Ilość stron: 8
  • Data wydania: 1991-01-07
  • Wydawca / Wytwórnia płytowa: Dover Publications Inc.
  • Identyfikator Fruugo: 57543420-116735732
  • ISBN: 9780486263113
  • Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy: PL5263276535

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