Merkur Frosted Glass Shaving Bowl

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Merkur Frosted Glass Shaving Bowl

Od Merkur

Cena: 269,00 zł
269,00 zł + 26,49 zł wysyłka

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MERKUR FROSTED GLASS SHAVING BOWL PRODUCT The Merkur Shaving Bowl is beautifully crafted from frosted safety glass and carries on the Markeur art of style. A cool and sleek looking frosted glass bowl with the famous Merkur of solingen logo embossed intot the front face. A design classic which equally performs and looks great. A must have for all Merkur fans Made in Germany (Solingen). PRODUCT The classic styled bowl is made out of high grade stainless steel to ensure no tarnishing or discolouration during use. We prefer metal bowls as they will retain and introduce some warmth into the lather whilst working the soap. It is a good handy size which sits comfortably in the palm of your hand to secure it and the internal aperture allows you to steadily build a deep lather which can be used for a number of passes. HOW TO USE Squeeze a large pea size amount of shaving cream into the base of the bowl and take a wet (not soaking brush) and then work the cream. If it doesn't lather quickly simply add a 'touch' more water and keep working the cream. If there is not sufficient lather simply add a little more water. Remember that less is more with both the cream and water. Alternatively, take some slithers of soap into the base of the bowl, add water and work in the same way as with a cream. The resulting lather should be the same. After use, always rinse well with lukewarm water and then dry or allow to drain before putting away. A great looking polished pot which sits well on any bathroom shelf. RECOMMENDED FOR All brush based soaps and creams. GROOMING TIP When mixing a soap or cream, first soak your brush to soften the loft. Then flick excess water off and start working the lather. Always add water gradually to avoid a 'weak' lather. It is easier to add more water than take it out
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