Unlock 4g Lte Usb Modem

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Unlock 4g Lte Usb Modem

Unlock 4g Lte Usb Modem

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109,00 zł + 31,49 zł wysyłka

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Description 100% Brand New High Quality. Not only 4G USB modem, but also USB Wi-Fi router wireless access works on 3G, 4G networks and Wi-Fi networks. Convenient and portable, 4GDONG001 is easy to use and stylish. 1e1 high-speed Internet access, suitable for both office and home. Also available with laptops, notebooks, UMPCs and MID devices. Insert a SIM card as a wireless router, easy to operate, no setup required. Specifications: Type: NIC Chip: Qualcomm 9600 Color: White Size: 95x33mm Material: PSD Download speed: 100mbps Upload speed: 50mbps USB: Standard USB interface Bands: B1, B3, FDD, 3G Package includes: 1 x 4G LTE USB Modem. Note: 1. Due to light and screen differences, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.

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