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Merkur 38C Safety Razor - Black

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MERKUR 38C DOUBLE EDGE (DE) SAFETY RAZOR - BLACK PRODUCT The Merkur 38C Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor is a beautifully crafted and finished, classic 3 piece razor. The quality which is synonymous with Merkur is evident in every detail...The longer length handle is hard resin coated (black) which provides a classic contrast with the polished chrome. The contrasting polished chrome base allows for easy blade swapping and also adds the finishing touch to an eye catching razor. The razor sits comfortably in the hand. and the weight is evenly distributed along the length of the handle, achieving a well balanced easy to use razor. The handle is topped with a plated brass head which is finished in Polished Chrome. An elegant looking razor and an extermely popular favourite, always in short supply Made in Germany (Solingen). PRODUCT IS ALSO SUPPLIED WITH A FREE PACK OF ASTRA PLATINUM DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES WITH A RETAIL PRICE OF £2.95. HOW TO USE The Razor head is released by unscewing the handle and lifting the cover clear to insert the blade. Slot the head cover back in place, screw and tighten the handle and you're ready to go - Simple RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types. GROOMING TIP Always shave with the grain of your beard growth for you first pass. For an extra close shave use a second pass going accross or against the growth.   DIMENSIONS A. OVERALL LENGTH 103MM B. HANDLE LENGTH 94MM C. HEAD WIDTH 41MM [safety-razor-outline.jpg]

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