Indoor Plant – Golden cane palm in cream plant pot as a set – Height: 90 cm

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Indoor Plant – Golden cane palm in cream plant pot as a set – Height: 90 cm

Indoor Plant – Golden cane palm in cream plant pot as a set – Height: 90 cm

Cena: 339,00 zł
339,00 zł + 17,99 zł wysyłka

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Plant height (including pot): 90 cmDelivery contains 1 natural plant in a designer potPot size Ø: 22 cmLocation: Partial shadeLarge and green, but not too rugged. A stylish plant. Indoor Plants from Botanicly Golden cane palm from Madagascar. It is a threatened variety there, but in the Caribbean and other regions they grow wild and are very common. In the full sun, the leaves become discoloured and the plant has yellow flowerlets: hence the name Golden cane palm. The Areca is not an easy plant, but it is popular in interiors. Under favourable conditions, it grows right up to the ceiling. In nature, it can grow to a height of 10 metres. Care recommendation Put the plant in a bright spot, but not in the full sun. The Golden cane palm also doesn’t like draughts or people bumping into it. Lastly, avoid radiators. In the summer, give the palm lukewarm water 2 to 3 times a week, and in the winter once a week. It likes to be misted every now and then. The plant grows slowly; during the growing period, give it nourishment a maximum of once a month. Plants Premium Shipping We attach great importance to a safe and secure packe of your plant. That's why we worked with packaging designers and transport companies to think about how we can transport your plant as safely as possible.We were able to develop a packaging in which you plant will survive cold or multi-day transort.All our packaging has been tested under different conditions before.If you are not completely satisfied with the packaging of the plant, we will be happy to resend you a new plant for free. Decorations for living room – If you’re in search of decorations for living room or anywhere else in your flat, look no further. We recommend tall house plants indoor trees. Tall house plants indoor trees are vibrant and majestic. There’s nothing better suited for decorations for living room than a colourful natural air purifier. Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.
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