Siemens SITOP PSE200U 10 A Selectivity module

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Siemens SITOP PSE200U 10 A Selectivity module

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Selectivity and fast fault locating in 24 V feedersThe SITOP PSE200U, SITOP select and SITOP SEL1200/-1400 selectivity modules are the optimal supplement for all 24 V power supplies, in order to split and monitor the load current on several current branches. Overload and short circuit in one or more branches are reliably detected and signaled.Short term current peaks, for example through a high inrush current, the electronics to, feeders with longer overload switches you dead. This is ensured even on high-impedance cables and with creeping short circuits. Here are circuit breakers not or too late for triggering, even if the power supply could provide the necessary triggering current. The intact feeders supply the SITOP expansion module with 24 V without interruption and reaction and thus avoid a total failure of the system.Application areaof the selectivity module is used in conjunction with 24 V power supplies to divide the load current into several current branches and to monitor the individual partial currents. Faults in individual branches caused by overload or short circuit are detected and selectively switched off, so that further load current paths remain unaffected by the fault. This ensures fast fault diagnosis and minimizes downtimes.This text is machine translated.

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