Height-adjustable Telescopic Stool Agd- Portable Folding Chair

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Height-adjustable Telescopic Stool Agd- Portable Folding Chair

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Portable retractable stool quality polyamide > This material is known for its high strength, lightness and durability > Is a material that can withstand different weather conditions > Adjustable in height > The height is adjustable and the height can be adjusted according to the size or needs of the user > Foldable, retractable > It is portable and compressible, composed of several plastic rings of the same diameter, with a movable locking between the two rings > Before using, open hand > After use, compress into a ring > Concept design > It is a high quality, versatile, foldable and portable stool that will change your life Its design philosophy is to change everyone& 39;s life by helping people do something very simple, make life easier and get rid of the burden > Suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor activities: travel (in a suitcase), hiking, museums, shows, picnics, camping, p Fishing and lots of outdoor activities.

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