Stainless Steel Angled Cream Spatula. 3 Pieces, Silver

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Stainless Steel Angled Cream Spatula. 3 Pieces, Silver

Stainless Steel Angled Cream Spatula. 3 Pieces, Silver

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129,00 zł + 48,49 zł wysyłka

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Baoji en vedette.1. High quality corner trays are made of food safe stainless steel. High hardness, corrosion resistance, durability, smooth surface and rust resistance. 2. Different Size Cake Knife Set There are 3 different, suitable for different size cakes. Whether it's cupcakes, pastries, cakes, or frosting on the side of a cake, you can be sure that these spatulas will easily apply frosting. ^ 3. Easy to clean Since our spatula is made of stainless steel, it is safer and easier to clean than a silicone spatula. 4. The beautifully designed cake knife has an ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable and prevents slipping. 5. Family fun: Angular palettes have no sharp edges. You can enjoy making cakes with your kids. Baoji en vedette.Piece: 3 Baoji en vedette.Color: silver Baoji en vedette.Size: 26.7*3cm, 31.3*3cm, 37*3cm

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