The Exile Movie Poster Oscar Micheaux (1931)

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The Exile Movie Poster Oscar Micheaux (1931)

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A new 18"x24" movie poster reproduction of the 1931 film The Exile by pioneer African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. The Exile was Micheaux's first feature-length talkie, and the first African-American talkie. The film was adapted from Micheaux's first novel, The Conquest (1913). Starring: Stanley Morrell, Eunice Brooks, Celeste Cole. Written, directed and produced by Oscar Micheaux. Co-direction of the Dances and Ensemble by Leonard Harp. Distributed by Micheaux Film Corporation. Released: 1931. Running time: 93 min. Size: 18" x 24" (glossy poster paper) Delivery: New. Comes in tube.
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